Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh Crap, It's Been Years

Oh crap, I stopped updating this blog which, from looking at it, gives the unfortunate illusion that my life too has stopped, but it has not. Since my last post, I've gone on like, 6 tours (including one west coast tour) and recorded a whole new album (coming MAY 7TH, MARK YR GCALS) and some other stuff.

It's fitting that I'm updating now. My last one was about how I had just gone on my first tour to Texas and such and as luck would have it, I've just gotten back from ANOTHER tour to Texas this year, for SXSW (unofficially, yadda yadda, but by the way I did play my first official CMJ this year so what am I even anymore?). Here is a whole album of pictures from the NYtoTXtoNY tour
(or just give this little thumbnail here a click and you'll see)

 OKAY, what else? Oh, my new album. It's out May 7th via nope I don't have a record label and can be pre-ordered right here.  I am really into the album art (you can thank Jonathan Bush for that) and I think it's a good one... You get the immediate download of "The Bodies, The Zombies!" with the pre-order. It's one of the acoustic songs off the album (album is half acoustic, half band) with a minimal arrangement (just guitar, cello and a little synth). It’s about this one time that I went to THE BODIES exhibit and it freaked me out, and also zombies, and also my general persistent empathy and affinity for the living dead and most emotionally unavailable humans. We’re working on a music video for it.

Two of the unreleased songs are streaming on blogs right now too. "With Samson In Washington State" is this seven minute biblical concept song that I wrote (YES I REALLY DID THAT YOU ARE WELCOME) and I explain it in more detail/it's currently streaming over at American Songwriter right here

And on the OTHER side of things: the pop-punk song off the album ("Brooklyn"), currently streaming at Baeble (where they are saying VERY NICE THINGS) here

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I've got a New York release show coming up (no tour for the album until the fall probably, so we're gonna do it big in NYC). Seeyouthere? 


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